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Spring Blossoms

– Robin Williams

As we reflect upon the last three months of cold and stormy winter weather, we can now begin to celebrate with the arrival of Spring in just a few days. Spring makes everything come alive with possibilities of rebirth and new beginnings! The days have become longer, the sun brighter, and change becomes evident as we witness new growth around us.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons. I enjoy waking up each morning with newfound feelings of inspiration and creativity energized by the bright sunlight and Spring blossoms of nature. I feel that the invigorating Springtime air provides an opportunity like the season to grow new ways to make changes in our lives and “Spring us into wellbeing and vitality! ” Dr. Matt Mumber feels that “wellness is a goal worth attaining and sustaining…..and much more than just those periods of time between illnesses…..Wellness is the result of making changes in your whole life….It describes a lifestyle.”

Change is as constant as the four seasons that come and go. Eastern philosophy teaches us that the only thing that remains constant in life is change itself! It is beneficial to take the time to examine where you are in your life at the present moment and reflect upon what you would like to change. In other words, what you need to let go of to make the changes to be the person you want and need. Dr. Wayne Dyer says it all, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

The literature indicates that what makes change so fearful is that it involves risk and perhaps on occasion failure, moves us out of our comfort zone, and into the land of the unknown. If you want change in your life, you are the one who must do the changing. If this sounds only too familiar, if only my mate, parent, child, boss or co-worker would change everything would be perfect. If we adopt the attitude that transformation is a healthy process, we are able to see an abundance of possibilities and welcome an authentic sense of contentment and joy.

 In order to create a new beginning, we first need an ending. This process involves a releasing and a letting go of the old to make room for the new. Dr. Karen Casey sums up detachment perfectly, “The Past is gone…don’t try to resurrect it…Just take responsibility for your own life now.” Endings offer us new opportunities to understand who we are, what we fear, and where our power comes from.

In other words a mental house cleaning is in order. When my clients struggle with change, I recommend that they clean out a cupboard. Letting go of any unnecessary clutter, allows you to see your choices more clearly. If house cleaning doesn’t do it for you, visualize that your mind is like a garden. Weeding out negative thoughts and planting seeds of positive thoughts, create a space for happiness to flourish and grow. New possibilities will emerge presenting a path that perhaps you would not have taken before.

It is a given that there are times in our lives when the next step towards change is obvious and at other times we are filled with confusion. Adding to the complexity is that we know where we need to go, but are lost as how to get there. We remain stuck in a familiar place of fear. Dr Margaret Wehrenberg feels that “Your past performance is the best predictor of your future performance…..”The fact is you have probably succeeded far more often than you have failed….To believe you really can accomplish behaviour change, you must change your filters on your experiences.”

My hope is that the following questions will act as a guide and help integrate positive changes in a flexible manner and provide you with a sense of renewed abundance, stronger roots to weather all transitions and lastly wisdom and inspiration. Please keep in mind that changes won’t necessarily go perfectly or easy the first time. We are all human and to be human means that we all make mistakes. By implementing a plan and setting realistic goals will help increase your motivation to make the necessary changes to be your best self.

  1. Is the work that I am presently doing personally fulfilling and does it express what I need and want?
  2. Is the current status of my education and training satisfying to me?
  3. Do I make time for exercise, restful sleep, and nutritious meal planning knowing that it is for my better good?
  4. What risks do I need to take to develop and express my special talents and allow myself to push past my comfort zone?
  5. What obstacles exist that are holding me back from making the necessary changes in my life?
  6. List 10 of my most important values  that give my life its greatest meaning.

I would like to end with a short guided visualization. Diane Petrella states, “Visualize in your mind choices and behaviours that you want to create in reality…. These pictures become the mental blueprint guiding you towards your goal towards change.”

Let yourself settle back into the chair, making yourself fully comfortable, and close your eyes. Let this be a time just for you, putting aside all worries and concerns of the day. Begin by bringing your attention to your breath. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose into the bottom of your lungs, sending the air as low down as you can. With each breath, breathe in oxygen, vitality, energy, and regeneration. When you have taken a full breath, exhale slowly through your mouth releasing all that you do not need to hold on to, and allow it to be a letting go. Repeat this process inhaling slowly to the count of 4 and slowly releasing to the count of 6.

Bring your awareness into the centre of your body. Go ahead and give yourself permission to notice any sensations, feeling or thoughts that you may be experiencing. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Now ask yourself, “is there something happening in my life at this present moment that needs changing”. Take your time and notice whatever comes up for you. Does your body have anything else that it wants you to take notice of? With your right hand over your heart, express gratitude to yourself for the courage to explore this part of yourself.

Today I recognize that all growth requires change, that all change includes risk and deep meaningful change requires courage and commitment. All change requires a letting go which in turn clears the path to new growth. I know that I can move at my own pace however slowly or quickly and that is O.K.  I create my life and success every day through my thoughts, words, choices and actions.

Today I will visualize in my mind’s eye good things for myself and my life. I will actually imagine that what I want in my life is already here. I will participate in my inner dream as if it were a reality. I will taste it, smell it, see it, and believe it. I will take a risk in my imagination and envision what I would like to see in my life right now. I have nothing to loose by trying. In my mind I have total freedom.

Take one more rejuvenating breathe. Open your eyes, wiggle your hands and feet and go back into your life with ease and and hope.

I would like to end with a quote that I saw in a museum on my recent trip to Israel that truly illustrates the concept of change.

To remember the past, to live the present, and to trust the future.” Abba Kovner.

Please feel free to email me here or by using the contact form, any of your successful Spring strategies that keep your mind, body and spirit in balance and harmony over the upcoming Spring months.

In health and wellness,