Research has confirmed that the act of forgiving can be one of the most powerful things you can do. Forgiveness will enable you to let go of your suffering and release any negative energy that has its hold on you. Ask yourself, is the person I am hating worth putting aside my own peace of mind and potential joy to continually feel these emotions of resentment, hurt, and anger? What is important to note, is that we become the emotional states that we drag around. The benefits of forgiveness will bring a feeling of freedom and liberation from its captivity.

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Inner peace is found by changing yourself, not the people who hurt you. And you change yourself for yourself, for the joy, serenity, peace of mind, understanding, compassion, laughter and bright future that you get.  
— Sidney and Suzanne Simon, Authors

My earliest childhood memories are of my Mom telling me that playing outside in nature was very healthy because it gave me "fresh air cheeks." How amusing that I told my daughter as a child the very same thing and now have imparted that message to my grandsons. My love of "the outdoors" was sealed when my Grandfather taught me at an early age how to appreciate a morning swim in the calm lake waters. As an adult, swimming in the lake is my favorite form of exercise.

Based on the fact that nature encourages how we feel, think, eat, dress, sleep, exercise, and even decorate our homes, I felt inspired to write four articles filled with seasonal tips and inspirations. My hope is that you will find strategies designed to help create healthy lifestyle choices during the multiple changes and transitions you will encounter over a lifetime. Keep in mind that "health is not just the absence of disease. It is being physically and emotionally able to live joyfully and in alignment with your deepest self. You have the ability to build health everyday. Just be open to new ideas and new habits." Dr. Christian Northrup

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